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When to Go to Australia

yarra vineyardMy overall opinion is that it is never a bad time to go to Australia. Given the size and diverse landscape, there is a place with perfect weather at least somewhere in this great country, so really a visitor can’t lose by taking a trip to Australia in the summer, winter, spring or fall.

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However, travel to Australia with a specific itinerary in mind, or perhaps an iconic landmark or location you must visit, can be affected by weather. For example, it may not snow in Sydney in winter, but you also wouldn’t want to be out in a bikini either. If your long-time dream is to hang out on the world-famous Bondi Beach in Sydney, then you probably shouldn’t make that your destination during the Australian winter.

The main thing to keep in mind when planning your Australia itinerary is that the country lies in the southern hemisphere, thus it probably has different seasons to you (I’m assuming you’re from the north). That means that summer occurs around December to February (Christmas in the summer!) and winter occurs from June to August.

In the winter, the southern states can get quite chilly, and the mountain areas can even see snow. If you’re not a fan of cold weather and rain, then I would suggest not coming to hang out in Tasmania, Victoria or New South Wales during the winter months. Luckily, however, the northern part of the country is lovely in the winter. Far north Queensland is bright and sunny, and it definitely doesn’t have that lingering humidity in the air. Furthermore, the box jellyfish threat that comes in summer is no longer on the radar.

koalaI’d easily recommend the Northern Territory and northern Queensland and WA in these months of travel. That would include activities such as camping, hiking, visiting the Great Barrier Reef and then some.

In the Australian summer, the country is the most popular with tourists. The cities of Sydney and Melbourne will have booked up hostels and overflowing beaches. Sydney will see an influx of tourists just after Christmas as many individuals wish to see the world famous New Years fireworks display off the Sydney Harbour Bridge (book your Sydney hostels early). The tropical areas of the country will be experiencing the wet season, meaning humidity will be overpowering, not to mention the chance for rains and cyclones. Just be aware of the the weather and plan ahead for possible delays or changes, and you should be fine.

For the best way to experience the country, overall, you should consider travel in the off-peak seasons, which would be fall or spring. These don’t coincide with peak travel times for either the northern or southern hemisphere, but you will generally find that weather all over is seemingly pleasing, and prices might be just a little bit lower for accommodation, Australia tours and airfare. You can head to the outback in heat, but not heat that will make you feel like not moving. It is also when the nights get cool, but not too cold.

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Ideas for things to pack will be varied at any time of the year if you plan to do extensive travel of Australia’s immense size, but this packing list for Australia can still be a guide.