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Packing for Australia

packing listAustralia is a place of many climates, but generally it is never too cold. Even in the middle of winter there are places on this continent that never stray away from 30 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, there are certain precautions that someone in this country must take to protect themselves from the sun, whether it is summer or not.

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With this is mind, it is also important to note that packing for Australia includes packing for all types of weather. It is a must since even the hottest places can have chilly nights. Plus, hopping from north to south or vice versa can take you from one extreme to another. So, here is what one would expect to pack for Australia:

  • Swim suit
  • Thongs, flip-flops, sandals, jandals (whichever you prefer)
  • Beach towel
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Light clothing that covers the skin
  • Closed shoes, walking or hiking shoes depending on your travel preferences
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant
  • Light jacket or fleece for cool nights or rainy weather
  • Rain jacket or umbrella

If you are traveling during the winter months in the southern parts of the country (think Sydney), then these items will be helpful:

  • Light coat unless in the mountains
  • Fleece or warm sweater
  • Scarf
  • Winter hat
  • Comfy shoes or ugg boots

If you plan to stay in hostels, these items are helpful:

  • Sleepsack for questionable beds
  • Rubber flip-flops for grimy showers

Electronic needs vary depending on traveler. You may or may not want to bring a laptop, but these other items are great ideas:

  • Digital camera
  • Unlocked international cell phone (you can buy a SIM card here)
  • Converter / adapter plug to work with Australia

Other items that are helpful to pack depending on your itinerary:

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