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Winter in Australia

cradle-mountainWhen I hear Aussies talk about winter in Australia, I have to laugh to myself a little. Of course, weather always seems relative to where you come from, and where I come from has some bad winters. Australia, on the other hand, has it quite easy in this season since few places actually reach below freezing, and other places, such as Darwin, are still experiencing temperatures touching the 90s. Some would consider this weather to be more like autumn, and definitely more pleasant to travel in than searing summer heat.

Being in the southern hemisphere, winter in Australia falls in June, July and August, a time when many other English-speaking countries are experiencing summer. Of course, tourism drops a bit during this time, but it is still a fantastic place to visit even if it is considered the off-season. If the thought of over-crowded tourist attractions, booked up buses and busy hostels is unappealing, I would definitely recommend a trip down under at this time of the year. Australia hotels and hostels will be cheaper, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can get a decent room. Let’s not forget about cheaper airfares, as well. Off-peak weather can mean flights to Australia at budget prices.

One thing about winter in Australia that should never be overlooked is the fact that no matter how warm the mid-day sun may feel, the winter nights will bring a chill to your bones. Pack a jacket or sweater that you can quickly throw on, and if hanging around in a southern city like Sydney, Melbourne or Hobart, you may even need a coat. Up north, however, Darwin is experiencing the dry season, meaning more people can comfortably explore the region without the tropical humidity weighing them down.

Festivals and events take place all over Australia in the winter including the Beer Can Regatta in Darwin, the State of Origin footy competition and Yulefest in the Blue Mountains for those needing some cool Christmas-type cheer. For those needing a bit of a break, the Queen’s Birthday holiday takes place on the second Monday in June for everyone’s favorite long weekend.

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