Re-discovering Brisbane

We’re into our third day here in Brisbane and I’m feeling pretty good after a 48 hour period of no energy.

Last night we got to meet up with Ging, a first for me. Arriving at the Normanby pub we ran into Jeanette Bergmann (also known as Ging) who was holding court, and a pool cue with several men. She was well into her holiday celebrations and we joined her, myself alternating between Coke and Rum & Coke after the wine the previous night. The Normanby is a handy place right there on the busy main street and has inside and outside drinking areas plus restaurant. Everyone was good vibes and I managed to lose a game of pool with one of Ging’s friends against some other blokes.

Heading downtown we visited a streetside beer garden and a couple of other bars finishing late at the GPO, a bar that was formerly a post office. Ging manged to slip on a wet patch and twist her knee which she’s had trouble with in the past. We shared a taxi home dropping her off in Greenslopes and then carrying on to Taringa.

My observations of the nightlife in Brisbane are that there are many new places that are designed to attract a hipper crowd and more females. I remember 10 years ago going to many pubs where you’d find 10 men for every girl, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, at least in the places we went. Also hairstyles are different, no more mullet and center parting, now it’s the gelled messy look or short blond streaks (what’s Australia coming too!!!).




I’m not used to paying for things in Aussie dollars and am more used to rupiah or $US. Prices seem inflated. Bob, Chris’s dad, was showing us a magazine for beer and wine and I couldn’t believe the prices for beer, it’s not cheap here.

Another highpoint of last night for me was eating at Fatric’s streetside cafe. Sean got a chicken sandwich and fries (about a pound of fries!) and I got a pumpkin and feta cheese pizza which was very good for $15. So pleasant to sit outside in the evening and enjoy socializing.

We’re thinking of taking a trip to the coast today to visit my buddy Jay.