Final SEKeener Post from Oz

In the next 5 days, I will spend about 40 hours on airplanes as I make my way back to Portland, Oregon from Brisbane Australia. Not looking forward to all this flying, and a bit sad that the trip is over, but also ready to tackle some new challenges….

Chris and I just returned from water skiing/tubing on the Brisbane river. It was sensational – I am leaving the camera with Chris so he will have the pictures from Water skiing to post as well as a little camera to take with him to most places…so you can expect more pictures on Australiablog from now on.

Some of the highlights and thank-yous of my month long trip here…

1) Ging – she is a goddess. Thank-you for the good times, tennis, kicky fighty, and for letting us borrow your car for 2 weeks. I had a great time hanging out with you…and of course, you are welcome to the BootsnAll Portland HQ at any time!

2) Christmas at the Heidrichs. Meeting the whole famiily that I had hear so much about the past 6 years was great.




3) Cricket. It’s a great game. Nuff said

4) People: As always…whenever I leave a place, it is the people that I will miss most. Chris, Toby, Jodie, Ging, Janita, Mr and Mrs Hydro, David, Chrissa, the lovely Aidy, Cam, Ian, Shirley, Anna, Pru, Brendan, Shannon, Merle, Max, Jay, Debbie, Debbies parents and many more.

5) Fitness First: I got a 1 month Christmas special membership. Just after christmas, physically, I felt like crap after all that good food and booze. Chris and I went about 25 times in 30 days that I was here and I feel great now. Watching cricket and getting a workout is superb.

6) Warm weather. My home is Portland, Oregon. They had a once in 10 years snow storm. Everything was closed. I missed it. 🙂

I am tired and leave for the airport in a few hours…can’t remember anything now. So I’ll end it here.

Chris, the camera is yours now, please post pictures etc. See you in Bali!