Sydney Cricket Test vs. India: Howzat!

After missing the results of the first two test cricket matches between Australia and India (a draw and an Indian win), Sean and I have really been getting into the third test currently being played in Melbourne. The Boxing Day test is a great tradition and at the end of the third day (out of five), Australia is in a strong position to level the series and make the fourth test in Sydney next week into a significant game for captain Steve “Tugger” Waugh to retire in.

This evening we booked our tickets for Day 3 of the test and if it’s tight by Day 4 we might buy tickets to that game as well. It should be a packed house and an incredible atmosphere to say farewell to the world’s most successful cricket captain. Melbourne gave him a standing ovation today as he came out to bat and no doubt Sydney will do the same and more.

Sean is definitely immersing himself in the sport and as someone who has grown up with the game it’s refreshing for me to hear his perspective and questions. We’re both stoked to be participating in a memorable occasion and I’m sure we’ll get over the fact that we could only get seats in the alcohol-free seats.