Although played at a slower pace than rugby or Aussie rules, cricket still has a devoted following in Australia.

What is cricket?
Cricket is a team sport that originated in England more than 300 years ago. It is played with a bat, ball, and wickets, and is the predecessor of baseball.




Where is cricket played?
Cricket is played all over the world, and throughout Australia. However, it is more popular in areas of former British rule, such as India, Australia, and South Africa. Baggy Green is one of the premier websites on Australian cricket.

What are some of the basic rules of the game?
Cricket is played with two teams of eleven on an oval field. The middle of the field is known as the pitch. Players score by hitting the ball with the cricket bat (a long, flat, board-like object) and running to the other end of the cricket pitch before the ball hits the stumps (3 small wooden markers). Runs are also scored by hitting the ball past a certain distance, and in the form of rewards for various penalties against the other team. The scores of the games vary depending on the climate, as it affects the degree of bounce on the pitch. Read more detailed rules here.