What the hell is going on?

People are attacking &/or killing each other in disturbingly high numbers and nasty ways in Australia recently. Maybe I just haven’t been keeping up with the news that much, but there’s been an alarming rise in the number of homicides.

Six killed on bloody Monday




On the same day two Asian blokes were found dead in their apartment in Sydney. A woman in Brisbane was stabbed 10 times by a random idiot yesterday and recently another bloke went nuts and killed his kids before stabbing himself to death.

Not that I know much about these things but it seems to be that it takes a certain amount of intent to stab someone with the object of killing them. You’re not likely to do it on the first try, it’s messy and you have to get very close. I’m sure it’s not like pulling the trigger from a distance. And these guys are killing small children.

It’s a very worrying sign and I hope it’s the last we hear of this type of thing.