Super Size Me

I went to see the new movie Super Size Me last night. The guy behind the doco-style film that looks at the fast food industry and its effects on the US diet, Morgan Spurlock has been getting a fair amount of print and TV time recently, so I thought I’d go along and check it out.

The basic premise is that he vows to eat nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days. If Macca’s doesn’t sell it, he can’t eat it (luckily they do sell water). He enlists the aid of three doctors and a health clinic to monitor his health during the exercise. Read more about the film on its website.

First thing about this film is that is has a very limited release in Australia – 34 screens nationwide as opposed to over 430 for Harry Potter. I’d be very interested in how many mainstream cinemas are showing this movie in the US, since that’s the market this film is aimed at.




As far as I’m concerned, this film should be shown in all schools, just like the anti-smoking films that show the person with the tube in their throat. The message is very important and Australia should take just as much notice. We’re turning into a nation of fatties just like the US and education has to start with the kids.