Phone Companies

Telstra, our all-powerful telephone company, are a pack of bastards. I saw a report on the telly last night that they are absolutely fleecing the Australian public on mobile phone call termination fees. They use it to round out their less profitable business. It’s so bad that a US phone lobby group said thecost was 3-4 times what it should be and puts Australia at odds with the business practices agreed to in the WTO trade agreement.

Not only are they a pack of bastards, they’re a bunch of idiots too. I signed up for their Broadband cable service two months ago. Yesterday I received my first bill and got rather a shock when I saw it was over $900.

It was easy to see where they’d gone wrong on a couple of things (not excusable, but at least immediately obvious), but there was also a $350 charge that made no sense whatsoever. In effect, they’d charged me a monthly rate to access the internet, then also charged me for every MB of transfer. Absolutely ridiculous!




I called their customer service line and got it sorted out fairly quickly, so a pat on the back to Mary on the other end of the phone. But even she could not explain what the $350 charge was for or how it came to be on my bill. What a load of bollocks.

The Oz government wants to privatize Telstra and open it up to competition. That can’t happen soon enough for me.