He cocked his leg!

He did it!!!

Yes, I’m talkin’ about me dog again… Dunno at what point in his socialisation with other male dogs ‘he got it’, but this morning, for the first time [at least that I’ve witnessed, and I don’t exactly go around watching him pee], he cocked his leg! Go son! He’s been ‘pissin’ like a girl’ [much to my brother’s disgust! First time he witnessed he said, ‘Ging, sort that out, eh?’! As if I was gonna get down on all fours on the grass next to him and lead by example!] for the last 11 months and I’d heard that sometimes they just never learn. My friend’s 4yo lab is still ‘squatting’, so I thought my boy was just gonna have ‘issues’, but, no, he’s a BLOKE!

Go Madra! Mummy’s very proud of you 😉




Okay I’m pathetic, but it was just such a surprise!!!

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