Wearing Undies in Public – Chic or a Major Faux Pas?

Oh yes, I’ve really excelled this time! I recently started Bikram Yoga – a quite intensive series of 26 positions in a 40-degree-heated room. A fantastically sweaty 90-minute workout that has you feeling quite spanktacular afterwards…

Anyway, I did it the first time in my usual gym gear, then bought some lightweight pants [in lollypop pink, actually, which delighted me no end!] But, no matter what you wear, your clothes end up stuck to you, and seeing as I’ve been doing it every second day or so and I refuse to wash my gear every second day, ‘cos, well, I’m lazy!, I haven’t got around to buying extra sets. Yesterday I went looking for a top and ‘cos I was in a hurry [on my already-extended lunch break!], and they didn’t have proper gym gear, I ended up in the underwear section [any excuse!] and picked up a cotton-lycra blend to suffice. While I was there [as you do], I also nabbed some cool Bonds boy-cut, hipster dacks that are a bit like men’s y-fronts in that they have that little ‘pocket thing’ on the, er, groin, that I’ve still no idea what it’s for [for either gender!] V. cool. V. Amusing. So of course I bought a 3-pack!

I go to yoga with pink top, pink pants and try the new pink duds[seeing as there are also ‘g-issues’ when you find yourself in, er, compromising positions – I hadn’t noticed until I saw myself in the mirror last week and thought, oh great, everyone behind me’s been having a nice view all class! Trust me, I am not one of these women who thinks it is attractive to have yer g pokin’ out the top of your jeans/skirt in a not at all subtle, ‘ooh, guess what I’m wearing!’ type manner] Anyway, I have the pants on and the instructor says, ‘oh, you’ve got pants today, you’ll get very hot’. I know, I know, but I thought they’d be okay.

I get in the room and it feels hotter than usual, so think, hmmm, I wonder if anyone would notice if I prance around in my undies! They kinda look like [very small!] gyms shorts! My friend encourages me to do so saying, ‘they’re fine, no one would even know!’ Except that they’re pale pink and I look nearly nude!




So, I take off me dacks and spend 90 minutes bending and stretching in me undies and singlet! No one says a thing, but the instructor does double-take when she sees me sans pants!

I mean, it’s all very well in the privacy of your own home, but perhaps it was a bit bold? Although there’s some pretty scantily-clad yoga/gym instructors out there – perhaps not in their undies though…

So, what’s the verdict? Chic duds or a dud chick?

Underdacks Ging