He he he! While I’ve not managed to get my hands on the photos of Chris in his ‘purple velvet dress’ [please send/post if anyone does!!!], I did manage a wee bit of payback [for his evil photography] this morning…

Last night I was out having some pub grub and ‘light’ beers w my soon-to-be S-E Asia travel buddy [yay! but that’s a whole ‘nother blog entry in itself…] and Chris was meeting up w BnA traveloguer George-akaSwagman-Dunn and his brother, Joe. We were possibly going to hook up, but by the time dins was over, our visa applications were filled out, we’d nutted out our itinerary, had moved to the ‘quieter’ bar, it suddenly filled w a g’zillion blokes and the amount of testosterone in the air started to put a dampener on our night. Besides, we were both driving, it was a school night [not that that’s stopped me before], we’d accomplished what we wanted to accomplish, so called it a night. I drove home, watched some crap tele and crashed.

In the morning, I see a txt msg from Chris saying, ‘Where r u? Beer is cold’… he he he! It was sent at around 11pm, so I’m thinkin’ he’s probably had a bit of a big night… So, what’s the ‘right’ thing to do… What would ANY decent human being do in this situation? That’s right. Call him.

It’s about 7am, so I’m expecting his phone to be switched off, or, him to ignore it. But no, Chris is used to receiving phonecalls from the States for ‘directions’, I’m sure he’ll oblige me. He does! Albeit in a somewhat, gravelly voice! he he he!




I piss myself laughing and say, ‘he, he, he, had a big night did we?’

He groaned a bit, muttered something about me being evil and asked if there was a purpose for this phonecall… fully knowing that OF COURSE there wasn’t!

In between my laughter, I said, ‘no, no reason, just rang to annoy you!’

I asked a few redundant questions, but then said, ‘ go back to sleep, I’m just being a bitch’!

Fuck it was funny though…

Evil Ging