I am not a weirdo!

Okay, seeing as everyone keeps asking WHY the hell I had a toothbrush AND paste in my handbag whilst on a night out, I’ve decided to explain it once and for all. A lot of people are assuming it’s so I’m ‘fully prepared’ to ‘pick up’ with fresh breath [ah, no!] or even more prepared [not to mention presumptious!] for ‘the morning after’ [ah, no!], and many are simply calling me a weirdo.

I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in my handbag AT ALL TIMES. Why? Very simply, in case I don’t have time to brush my teeth when I leave home in the mornings. Quite often I grab a coffee and run out the door and quite often I have my breakfast at work, so… I clean my teeth at work. I used to clean them at home, then get into work, have another coffee and/or breakfast and go, ergh, I need to brush my teeth again!

So, it is in there at all times… and seeing as Chris was so surprised by this, and seeing as I was drunk, I thought it’d be funny to whip it out and brush my teeth on the street [which I did, spitting in the gutter an’ all – classy bird that I is! – much to the confusion of onlookers!]. What I didn’t think would be funny was for Chris to plaster said images on the blog…




For this, he will be sporting a fine set of dentures soon…

Colgate Ging