D’liddle Mairn’s Party

I got in trouble for not blogging much of late, but hey, I’ve been busy… What with doggit parties to host an’ all… Yes, that’s right, d’liddle mairn in d’brown seventies trackie turned 1 [or 7 in doggit years] yesterday and of course I HAD to throw him a party – or, as some people suggested, we aussies will take any excuse we can to throw back some beers. Perhaps. And, I’ve also moved [yes, again, but thankfully, this one’s potentially a long-termer], so it was a good excuse to have some people round to check out the new gaff and test the fabulous back deck.

So, his day started with ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings from my flatmate and I, a yummy bone, but nothing too different from the norm… In the afternoon, I scooted home from work and baked him a chocolate [of course] cake and he’d even received some emails/and one phonecall! On his 0410 WOOF mobile!!!

I fed him his dinner and put a party hat on him, which at first, he was a bit bothered by, but soon became used to it and left it on unphased for the whole night!!! [I commented halfway through the evening, ‘I’m turning into one of those really weird ‘dog people’ – I mean, I have always been ‘a dog person’, but didn’t think I’d be putting hats on him and getting all, ‘oh, look at my boy, he’s so clever!’, which of course he is by the way – so intelligent and so adorable! ha!]

Anyway, although most people had various commitments, that didn’t stop them from taking some time out to wish the wee man a happy birthday, AND, get him a present! Chris, who had his touch footy final that night [and won – congrats!] kicked off [boom boom] the proceedings with an early appearance, presenting the little man with his OWN pair of thongs to chew – v. nice! Now if he starts eating my shoes, Chris will be in big trouble! Soon after, Janita turned up, wielding beer, not only for herself, but for the wee man – a squeaky dog beer toy, which was THE hit of the party! Oh yes. While it seemed innocent enough, the SOUND it makes is hysterical! Worse than a child’s scream I tell ya! Moddy liked that one, but jeez, I don’t think our neighbours [or my flatmate, who said, ‘don’t be surprised if that gets ‘accidentally’ destroyed!’] will! We all had a few beers, then John turned up with a bottle of red for me, but poor Moddy dipped out there! Not that he was phased as he had his dog beer afterall. I also gave him a smidgen of beer in his bowl! ‘Twas then time for ‘my’ present, which was a stuffed dog wrapped up with LOTS of treats [schmackos, chicken & rice bites, meaty bites, crunchy bones, beef & liver treats, chocolate buds and a raw hide bone!] that he excitedly sniffed through the paper to get to. And, like the hoover he his, downed ALL of them in one go – with onlookers in shock, and with some digust! ha! Then, Alia appeared with, oh my, TWO packets of Schmackos – doggit heaven! Moddy NEVER gets Schmackos – he gets ‘the cheaper equivalent’! Not long after that, Nolan and Rowan appeared and the back deck was getting a thorough workout [esp. seeing as we have no outdoor furniture yet!] and it was quite a hoot for the wee man, who was LOVING the attention!




While some people thought it a bit strange, I think the little man was quite chuffed with the result!! Everyone left with ‘doggy bags’ [he he he] of chocky cake and Nolan/Rowan even left wearing party hats! ha!

Who said canine birthdays couldn’t be fun! In fact, my two neices who live up the coast were disappointed they couldn’t make it!

My dog rocks.

Proud Dog Person Ging