Exotic Foods

The most common exotic food that you will find on Australian menus is kangaroo. Now, before you start getting all upset about Australians killing cute little Captain Kangaroos, think about another animal that is plentiful, such as the plethora of deer in the United Sates. Kangaroos run wild across Australia, and are widely regarded by farmers as pests. Like deer, kangaroos (although only certain species) are hunted, although more for animal control than their tough meat. This does not deter tourists, however, and kangaroo meat appeared on many menus during the Olympic games in Sydney, and has remained there.

Two other popular meats are emu and crocodile, often eaten in jerky form. Kangaroo is also available in jerky form, and is most easily located at any tourist shop.




Vegemite is a non-meat product that was created in 1922, when Fred Walker had the idea of using yeast extract left over from the manufacture of beer. This yeast is a great source of vitamin B, and although it took many years to catch on, Vegemite is now synonymous with Australia. Vegemite has a bitter flavor and is best used in small doses. A popular snack and breakfast trick is to take a piece of toast and layer it with butter and a thin coat of Vegemite. Be wary of any Australian who slathers it on a piece of toast and offers it to you; Vegemite has a very strong taste. Although Kraft attempted to market Vegemite to other countries, it never caught on.