Studying Abroad

Thousands of international students study abroad in Austaralia each year. There are so many students that the Australian government has a site devoted to studying in Australia and can be read in thirteen different languages. About 180,000 students from 140 countries studied in Oz in 2000. Australia’s academic standards are highly regarded and all of the universities are accredited by the government. Only two of the 39 universities are private; the rest are government-funded public institutions.

If you wish to obtain a degree from an Australian university, it is best to consult the government site. For those who wish to study abroad for only a semester or a year, there are hundreds of programs to get you there. A quick search on Google will provide you with a list. However, be aware that your home institution may only accept credit and/or offer financial aid if you go through a certain program. Make sure to ask at your school’s study abroad office.




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