Kristy @ the Victory

Got a call last night from Kristy Falcon, a BootsnAll member who had contacted us about doing a travelblog. During our emails I found out that she was coming up to BrisVegas for a few days and asked if she wanted to meet up for a beer or coffee. We swapped rough descriptions over the phone and arranged to meet outside the Palace Backpackers on Edward St since it was near the train station.

Originally from Massachusetts, Kristy will be in Oz for about a month before jumping over the Tasman Sea to live and travel in New Zealand for about seven months. To save money she’ll look at WWOOF‘ing it for part of the time, and she also wants to buy an old beater so she can drive where she wants, when she wants.

Walking down towards the Queen Street Mall, Kristy let slip that she was a bit of a dessert fan and could go for a slice of cheesecake. This stumped me a little bit and I’m afraid I was a poor host as I could only vaguely point to a variety of the eateries in the middle of the mall. I couldn’t think of a place that specialized in dessert. We stopped in at one cafe with cakes in the window but they were asking a whopping $5 for a small slice.

Being a flexible lass, Kristy was happy to go with Plan B, which was beer at the Victory’s beer garden. This isn’t Kristy’s first trip to Australia. She studied in Lismore a few years ago for a semester and had a great time. Most of her visit here this time is to visit friends. During that time, VB was her beer of choice and I was happy to join her in a cold one on a pleasantly warm day.




We chatted for a few hours, over a couple more beers, about the history of BootsnAll, her time spent working in Alaska, college versus professional US sports, dream travel destinations, and the differences between Greyhound in Australia and the USA.

This last because Kristy was due to catch the not-as-dirty Dog overnight to Sydney. As we parted company I hopefully pointed her in the right direction of a store where she could purchase some Tim-Tams, a worthy replacement for cheesecake.