Tibetan Kitchen

Not knowing much about Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine, I was pleasantly surprised by my visit to the Tibetan Kitchen in Fortitude Valley last night. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but perhaps something to do with yaks and their various by-products?

On the fairly extensive menu, there was not a yak to be found. In fact, the only semi-unusual dish was the goat. Instead there was lots of chicken and lamb (always a favourite), and substantial veggie fare.

The staff were friendly, the prices were very reasonable for a good amount of food, and the Bee Gees were playing in the bathroom. What more could you ask for?




The only less than favourable things I can say about the Tibetan Kitchen is firstly that it’s right on busy Brunswick Street, so there’s a certain fish bowl feeling if you’re seated right by the large windows; and secondly they close awful early. We asked for dessert only to find that the chefs had already left, and they started clearing the table of wine and water glasses well before we were done. And I’m not saying we were there til the wee hours. This was about 10:30-ish.

But overall I enjoyed the experience and would go again. It’s not fancy, it’s not sensational, but it’s hearty food at a good price in a location that’s perfect for going out afterwards…which we did til 4am. But that’s another story…