Down With Love indeed!

At the risk of getting all Molly Meldrum on myself, [whose catchphrase is] ‘do yerself a favour’, and check out Down With Love! Granted, it completely reflects my bitter headspace at the minute, and judging by the trailer [so don’t judge by it!], it certainly had the potential to fall flat on its face, but, it’s an absolute crack-up! Billed as a ‘romantic comedy’ a la the 60s films of Rock Hudson-Doris Day, sure the transparent-as-er-cling-film plot is as predictable as hell [though there are a few silly verging on ridiculous twists!], it’s the tongue-in-cheek and ‘self-awareness’ of its Welsh Rabbit factor that makes you grin and giggle and downright howl with laughter… It’s just so silly, and the sets and costumes are simply ‘fabulous dahling’!

I’m not even a big Zwelleger fan [cannot STAND bloody Bridget Jones and her related isms] and Renee’s character’s not far removed, but she’s very very good at being very very irritating, in an adorable kind of way, and w’hell, ‘that [hip-swinging] walk’ she has down pat. The only slight weakness is that co-star, Ewan McGregor, plays an absolute slimeball, which he delivers perfectly and ‘mostly’ carries off, but at times you can’t help think, ‘oh, Ewan, you’re just too nice’ though…

STILL, it’s a perfectly respectable way to spend a night in [for the recently dumped amongst us who clearly don’t have a life! ahem.] and curse, yet cackle, at the battle between the sexes… stereotypes, predictable ending, ridiculous gags, Austin Powersesque double entendres, it’s all good!