Domestic Duties

Spent a very quiet weekend taking care of a few things that I’d neglected over the past couple of months’ worth of weekends.

On Saturday I dropped by my brother’s house and helped him set up some shelves for his growing home brew cellar. After laying out the pieces of what looked like a giant Meccano set (it wasn’t a kit, it was something his father-in-law had cobbled together years ago), we proceeded to put together something resembling a framework. After some creative engineering (and a few pieces left over) and borrowing some genius from the ancient Egyptians we got them installed where we wanted them and packed the shelves with wheat beers, stouts and bitters. Afterwards we cracked open a couple of home brews and relaxed on the back deck.

But there was more to do, so I returned home to battle with the ancient lawn mower and reduce the front yard to something more respectable. And after that I helped my dad get his new ADSL connection set up and running. It was surprisingly easy and I spent more time figuring out how to get rid of a virus I found on his computer than I did getting the broadband hooked up.

On Sunday I finally cleaned up the pigsty that was the BootsnAll Australia HQ. I completely dismantled the workstation, cleaned out all the dust from the wires, modems and routers, and put it all back together again.




If it’s true that 10 sneezes in a row is the equivalent intensity of an orgasm, then I was a porn star goin’ for gold on Sunday morning. I had no idea one person could create so much dust.

Feels good to get those things cleared away and very nice to be working in a clean environment again.