Aussie HomeBrew

Last week I helped my brother brew up a batch of homebrew. I figured the brews I’d helped Sean with in Oregon might offer some experience in the matter. How wrong can a bloke be?

First up was a run to the supermarket to pick up a few supplies – beer recipe, sterilizing powder, bottle caps, and a couple of other nick-nacks. Back at the house, the process began in earnest. No hours of boiling water and mixing grains and malt extract needed. Just drop the “beer in a can” into some hot water to loosen the contents.

While that’s doing its thing, the electric jug is going, boiling more water so we can sterilize the carboys. Being used to the 5 gallon glass carboys, the black plastic ones of indeterminate volume were considerably lighter. David was the Master of Sterilization.

Now that our equipment was free of nasty germs it was time to consult the instructions. And very simple it was too. Combining two litres of boiling water with a full kilo of sugar and then dumping the contents of the beer can. Stir until dissolved and then add 19 litres of cold water.




Everything was going to plan until we figured that our black plastic carboy of indeterminate volume was not going to be enough. A few descriptions of the situation using four letter words ensued. Victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat by a second black plastic carboy of indeterminate volume being sterilized in record time and the wort divided between the two.

Cold water added, we dumped in the yeast satchel, screwed the tops on and crossed our fingers. Here’s the result.

David and I will bottle the brew tomorrow evening and then we’ll have to wait some more before we’ll know if we’ve been successful. In the meantime, I’m off to the bottle-o for a six pack.

UPDATED, July 17
Bottling went smoothly. The brew was pretty cloudy, so confidence is not high, but we’ll keep the fingers crossed and keep an eye on things.