July 1st, the first case of Polio flew into Australia in more than 20 years. A word of caution for all travellers- always make sure you immunizations are up to date! If you were on Thai Airways flight TG999 from Bangkok on July 1, you should get in contact with Victorian Authorities. Almost 250 people were on the flight from […]

Polio Case in Australia, July 1, Thai Airways

Hi there gang. When traveling overseas, it is important to know important emergency contact information. Many times, this could include your home country Consulate or Embassy. Visas, immunizations, passports, etc, can all get lost, or need applying for. The links below are listings of the countries that have embassies or consulates in Australia. I will do another post for Australian […]

Embassies and Consulates in Australia, Contact information

Hello folks! It’s that time again! How to Survive while Driving in Australia! I’m putting together a multi-part guide to conditions and issues you need to be aware of while driving in Oz…. If anyone can explain the Melbournian J-turn in the comments section, it would be greatly appreciated. The take home message from today’s blog- READ the SIGNS!!!!!! Road […]

Driving In Australia, Survival Tips #2

The Following is a Paid Review Are you a backpacker, Business Traveller, organizing a group holiday or going to the Snow? As I’ve mentioned a few times previously on this blog, it is extremely important to get good travel insurance. 1Cover is an insurance company providing coverage for Australian Citizens and Residents to cover short term and Long Term holidays. […]

Backpackers, Skiers, and Travellers, 1Cover Insurance for All

Hey gang! No one wants to need emergency phone numbers- but everyone should know them. Here are a few of those critical numbers to know. If there is another you are looking for- let me know and I will add it. Happy Travels! Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade 000 Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 Energy Australia 131388 General Post Office 159-171 […]

Australian Emergency Phone Numbers

While in Oz or other places overseas- do you plan on skiing, snow boarding, water skiinig, surfing- or mega worry- play organized sports? If so…please look at the terms of your travel insurance very carefully. I am sure you all have heard- the Aussies are MAD about their sports. If you are planning to spend anytime in Australia and are […]

Organized Sports and Travel Insurance

I’m not surprised, but I have to admit that the stupidity of people knows no bounds….a recent article highlights a few travelers who are a) avoiding the Wolf Creek movie because of its scary reputation (fair enough) and b) avoiding Australia….because that is where it is set. SERIOUSLY. Most said they wouldn’t change plans, but really… Flabbergasted. From Tourists packing […]

Tourists packing it over film

The recent Bali bombings have urged the Australian government to review its travel alert system. They hope to make the warnings simpler and more user-friendly. Jargon such as “defer non-essential travel” would be changed to a more cut-and-dried, “don’t go there unless you have to”. From Alert levels to be simplified

Alert levels to be simplified

After wildfires killed 10 people in 2002 an 2003, the government has established improved security measures to warn holiday-makers about the issue. Since most deaths result in people being, well, idiots, and not taking precautions, I’m not sure how much it’s going to help…Authority tests tourist bushfire warning system

Authority tests tourist bushfire warning system