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Description of the Australia Flag The Australia flag contains a one-quarter section displaying the Union Flag, otherwise known as the flag of the United Kingdom. This signifies that Australia is a Commonwealth country. The majority of the flag is blue with white stars on top. The right half of the flag contains stars representing the Southern Cross constellation. The large […]

Australia Flag

I came across this fantastic and hilarious article via a link from the Daily Boomerang, a very good daily blog about this crazy life and travelling Down Under. Under the pressures of my day job, I have recently been travelling in and around the Singleton NSW area. The Daily Boomerang called me out as having a possible alternative motive! The […]

Single Aussie Men, Where to go to Find a Good ...

I know October probably isn’t the first month of the year you would think of to come visit Sydney. BUT! it shoudl be! October really is one of the best months of the year. Spring is just kicking into high gear, and with it- the party season. People are just creeping out from under the blanket of winter gloom and […]

Sydney in October, a month not to be missed

OK so I haven’t written one of these in a while, and man are there some great Aussie-isms out there! I love the Aussie Translation Guide series. I hear-by promise to keep these coming. When you are traveling Down Under, you will undoubtedly hear slang that is very uniquely Australian. I provide this series to give you a fighting chance […]

Aussie Slang, How to understand Aussie #7

I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying a really fantastic, moderately priced ($17-19) Australian Pinot Noir out of the Yarra Valley. I’m not always the biggest fan of Pinot due to a few unfortunate glasses I’ve tried, but this one shocked me the other direction. It was absolutely delicious. You would do yourself a good deed by trying the De […]

Aussie Wine Review, De Bortoli Pinot Noir Yarra Valley ...

Hey you Mob! It is time for another colorful Aussie Translation guide! Today we are going to talk about Car related words. One of the fun things of Travel is learning the local lingo. Australia has no shortage of their very own Aussieisms. They are fun and inventive, though occasionally hard to translate. Feel free to add a few of […]

Aussie Translation Guide #6

Hello folks! It’s that time again! How to Survive while Driving in Australia! I’m putting together a multi-part guide to conditions and issues you need to be aware of while driving in Oz…. If anyone can explain the Melbournian J-turn in the comments section, it would be greatly appreciated. The take home message from today’s blog- READ the SIGNS!!!!!! Road […]

Driving In Australia, Survival Tips #2

They got me on this one! I got 15 right which qualifies me as… “You’ll be apples! Well… nearly anyway. You will communicate fairly effectively with the native population, but they will still mutter “bloody yank” when you walk out of the pub” Well if the shoe fits…. How well do you speak Aussie? Take the Quiz Guide #1 Guide […]

How Well do you speak Aussie? A fun Quiz.