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The magic of Australia, for those of us who love the ocean, is that it is blessed with a seemingly endless wealth of uncrowded beaches, dive sites and surf breaks. Somewhere in New South Wales, Steve Bramucci has found a forgotten coast...and, statistics dictate that there are plenty similar gems waiting to be savored down under.

Somewhere, New South Wales, Australia

The original sale this post was referencing has since passed, but there are still several ways to go about getting a great domestic airfare deal. The first option is to travel in the off-season. For example, you can try to head to the Gold Coast in the Australian autumn, and traveling during those times might also put you in the […]

Webjet Domestic Airfare Sale, Fares from $41!

Adelaide is one of the unsung heros of Australia. In the central part of the country, it is often times not on the main tourist routes. If you have a bit of time and really like a city that has amazing markets, fantastic places to eat, unbelievable wineries, and phenominal natural attractions such as the Flinders close by, then Adelaide […]

Adelaide, South Australia: A Quick Guide to What’s On

July 1st, the first case of Polio flew into Australia in more than 20 years. A word of caution for all travellers- always make sure you immunizations are up to date! If you were on Thai Airways flight TG999 from Bangkok on July 1, you should get in contact with Victorian Authorities. Almost 250 people were on the flight from […]

Polio Case in Australia, July 1, Thai Airways

Hi there gang. When traveling overseas, it is important to know important emergency contact information. Many times, this could include your home country Consulate or Embassy. Visas, immunizations, passports, etc, can all get lost, or need applying for. The links below are listings of the countries that have embassies or consulates in Australia. I will do another post for Australian […]

Embassies and Consulates in Australia, Contact information

Do you live in Melbourne or Sydney, need a car occasionally, but not really enough to own one? Check out car sharing! These fun little cars are located in most of the popular neighborhoods of both cities such as St. Kilda, Manly, Newtown, Bondi, and the CBD areas. Help the environment, while helping yourself. Win win! GoGet CarShare is perfect […]

Car Sharing in Melbourne and Sydney

Well folks it is finally here- marked by a cold rainy day in Sydney, the opening weekend of the Australian snow fields has arrived! And appropriate it is, that they are called snow fields instead of the snow mountains. ahem…. For all my good natured scoffing, there is plenty of fun to be had at the snow here. If you […]

Australian Snow fields- Opening Weekend!

Finally!!!!! This morning on my drive in, I heard a radio article that peaked my interest. I used to be a huge user of in the States for cheap last minute hotels. Upon moving to OZ, I was heartbroken to discover it doesn’t really work here. BUT! Cancellations is a new website that sounds promising. Working on a similar […]

Last Minute Travel Deals, is Australia’s Version of Travelocity or Orbitz. You go to one page, type in your travel requests and the best prices from the available airlines magically appears. If you get hooked up with their service, they will send you notifications when there are sales and specials running. The 28 Day Deal Finder is an innovative new Webjet service shows […]

WebJet 28 Day Deal finder