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Australia First Time Visitor Guide

australiaAre you currently planning your very first trip to Australia but realizing that Australia is a really big country? Are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? It’s okay; I’ve been there. This is one gigantic and beautiful country – one that many people get but one opportunity to visit – so we want to make the most of the stay by seeing the best on offer. In addition to that, we also want to be prepared, which means knowing what to pack, how to get around and how to order the right meal.

Well, we have all that information here on WhyGo Australia, and to help you find it, I’ve put all the links in this one place. How’s that for making life easy?

Before You Leave for Australia

Preparing for your first visit to Australia starts before you’ve even left home, perhaps months in advance, and probably before you even purchase your Australia plane tickets.

  • Australia Travel Deals Latest travel deals and discounts to Australia, such as flights and hotels, can be found here, so keep a close eye.
  • Australia Vacation Packages For a simpler travel experience, booking hotels, flights and cars in one can be a great decision.
  • Australia Maps This page lists some good city/country maps and guides that can help you make your travel plans.
  • Australia Travel Information You’ll need to know about the basics like currency, language and voltage before heading to Australia.
  • Weather in Australia It’s always good to know the weather for the specific areas of travel interest before booking and packing.
  • Packing for Australia Packing can be one of the most difficult parts of planning a trip to Australia, so have a quick look at this guide for some basic tips.
  • Travel Guide Books Sometimes a paper guide book can be a lifesaver.

Australia Destinations

With Australia’s size, it isn’t always easy to choose where to go on your Aussie adventure. There are big cities, like Sydney and Melbourne; beach towns, like Cairns and Mission Beach; outback ghost towns and small island getaways. These destination travel guides should help you in choosing where to go in each.

City Travel Guides: Great for planning city-specific travels.

State, Territory & Region Guides: Great for planning region-specific travel.

Australia Airfare

It’s easy for me to say – as a person that promotes travel in Australia – that anyone interested in Australia should just hop on a plane and come over. For many people, though, that is one terribly long flight with possibly a stopover or two in the mix. So, traveling to Australia is not really an easy feat, and with that difficulty comes a price. Is it worth it? I think so! To help you get the best rates and find out where to fly to, take a look at these resources:

Where to Stay in Australia

Australia provides accommodation that can please any type of traveler, from camping to all-inclusive resorts. Obviously, the type you choose may depend on where your itinerary takes you, but the following articles will definitely get you started in making a final decision.

  • Australia Accommodation Options This is a good overview read of all the accommodation options available in Australia. Worth a read to better understand the market.
  • Hotels in Australia Hotels range from budget to luxury and rise in price the closer it is to a city center.
  • Hostels in Australia Hostels are great for backpackers and budget travelers looking to skimp of accommodation to save some money.
  • Camping in Australia Getting up close with nature is made possible by camping, and it is an option I would recommend to anyone if only for a weekend.
  • Australia Resorts Resorts are widespread in the hottest and most naturally beautiful spots in Australia and can provide a completely relaxed holiday option.
  • Australia Vacation Rentals Vacation rentals are becoming a better-known options for extended-short stays.
  • Australia Campervans Campervans are a popular option in Australia because it helps to cover the vast distance on your own schedule while also providing accommodation.

Things to Do in Australia

It may sound like a cliche, but you can do just about anything in Australia. What Australia is known for, however, are beach and outdoor activities. You can go surfing, swimming, fishing, boating, skiing, hiking and camping. The following articles should assist you in deciding what to do in Australia.

Getting Around Australia

Many travelers disregard the actual size of Australia until they arrive and find out that getting from point A to B takes significantly more time than expected. Just getting from Sydney to Melbourne will take you a full day driving, while a train trip from Sydney to Perth will take 3 days. Getting around may end up being more complicated than expected if not traveling to major cities, as smaller airports may not have direct flights and land transport can be lengthy.

Weather in Australia

There are some places in Australia where the change in season merely means the addition of humidity. Other places have seasons with fairly cool winters and hot, hot summers. If you go from one part of the country to another during any time of the year, you can be met with very distinct and different climates, so it is best to study up in advance.

  • Weather in Australia This master post links to posts on all the seasons and all the months of weather in Australia.

Australian Food

Standard Australian food on its own is nothing special (in my eye), but the multicultural mix that this country has become has opened up a whole world of food possibilities to explore. Aussie food is actually a really cool experience, and it is is one that can open your eyes to both good and bad (Vegemite?). The following articles will help you understand traditional Aussie foods, how to order them and what to wash it all down with.

Australian Language and Slang

Australians speak English, but it might not see like it at times. Their use of slang, and a thick accent, can leave you wondering what country you have actually arrived in. The following guides should get you up to speed and understanding the Aussies in no time.

Getting Married and Honeymooning in Australia

Thinking about a destination wedding or a beautiful honeymoon location? Australia has you covered. These guides will help you make the most of that special occasion down under.

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