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Which Australia Guidebook is the Best?

When backpacking, carrying a guidebook is like having a lifeline. You never know when plans will change or get interrupted, and having travel options and alternatives available at your fingertips can be priceless. Note: even though I do put together this online travel guide, I understand the benefits of a full book on-hand, especially in a country like Australia where good internet access can be sparse.

So, my backpacking friends, which Australia guidebook do you reckon is the best? Here are a few of the big ones, but I need your input to create a list of the best options out there.

lonely planet australiaLonely Planet Australia

  • The latest published edition is from November 2009.
  • The book features 1116 pages, 36 pages in color and 193 maps.
  • It weighs 0.88kg or 1.94lbs.
  • The dimensions are 128mm x 197mm.
  • Buy Lonely Planet Australia

    australia rough guideThe Rough Guide to Australia

  • The latest edition was in October 2009.
  • The book features 1156 pages.
  • There are 93 maps and 36 pages of color.
  • The dimensions are 129mm x 198mm.
  • Buy The Rough Guide to Australia

    fodors australiaFodor’s Australia

  • The latest edition was April 2010.
  • It features 760 pages.
  • The dimensions are 7.9 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches, or 200 x 132 x 36 mm.
  • A full color guide.
  • Buy Fodor’s Australia

    There’s also the Frommer’s Australia guidebook, the BUG Australia guidebook, and surely some others to choose from. This is obviously a short list, so help us grow it by mentioning the ones I missed if you feel they deserve to be here.

    Choosing a Guidebook for Australia

    Is there anything in particular you look for when picking a guidebook? For example, does the size matter? Do you take into account the number of maps and photos? Or, perhaps you care more about the publication date? For some people, the choice just comes down to price. How do you go about choosing an Australia guidebook?

    Leave a comment below to let us know which Australia guidebook is your favorite, and how you went about choosing it. I’ll be using your input to create a results post. Cheers!