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Best Places to Honeymoon in Australia

When I think of a honeymoon, I think of beachy and tropical, two words that can easily describe the land of Australia. Yet, there’s so much more to this country than that; we have islands and outback, mountains and rainforest. Adventurous couples can choose to go on a tour of the Kimberley while luxurious couples can park it in a resort for sun, fun and plain old pampering. Thrill-seekers can easily throw themselves out of a plane, or take part in a number of other adrenaline junky activities. Wine and food lovers can easily hide away in the middle of South Australia‘s wine country. All of these options would produce fantastic, romantic getaways for couples that have just tied the knot and are choosing to honeymoon in Australia.

If you’re not quite at the honeymoon stage, you can read more about where to find a good bloke. Otherwise, peruse my list below of dream honeymoon locations that are scattered around the beautiful land of Australia.

Whitsunday Islands

hamilton island
There’s nothing quite like dozens and dozens of beautiful tropical islands to answer the question of where to have your Australian honeymoon. The Whitsunday Islands are known for their pristine beauty and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef (perfect for snorkeling or diving). You can choose to take a sailing trip and island hop, or simply park it on the luxurious Hamilton Island for your stay.

Cradle Mountain

cradle mountain
Cradle Mountain is Tasmania’s icon of beautiful natural scenery, and just one look is all it takes to realize it would be a fantastic location for an Australian honeymoon. Here, you will find lakes, alpine forest and wildlife to excite the senses. Why not stay in the Cradle Mountain Chateau, or even have the entire ceremony there as well!

Gold Coast

gold coast at night
Having a honeymoon in the Gold Coast can somewhat resemble having your honeymoon in Vegas, unless of course you are spending your time in the famous Palazzo Versace. It’s in the Gold Coast that you can gamble at Jupiter’s, park it in a resort, and try activity after activity that will make your heart race. The weather is usually at a happy mix between Cairns and Sydney, so, it’s not too hot in summer and not too old in winter. The sun loves to shine here, and the beaches go on for miles.

The Kimberley

The Kimberley is said to be one of the most breath-taking places in Australia with its national parks and waterfalls scattered about. You can take a 4wd excursion across dry dirt roads in view of boab trees, or you can take a river cruise to gaze upon some crocs in their natural environment. The Kimberley is probably not a honeymoon destination for everyone, but it is definitely a trip that you’ll never forget if you do.

Fraser Island

fraser island
Fraser Island is one of the most unique places in Australia – a giant sand pile that has some of the best beach and most beautiful landscape in the world. It is here that you can soak up rays in the sun-warmed Champagne Pools or relax on the white sand beaches of Lake McKenzie. Dingos roam free on Fraser Island, and a plethora of unique animal species call it home. Why not shack up in the Kingfisher Bay Resort for a few secluded days of bliss?

Uluru / Ayers Rock

Heading to the outback might not be your idea of a honeymoon getaway, but I beg to differ. How romantic can it be camping outside under a moonlit sky like no other – just you and nature in the vast open spaces of Australia. Why not try an outdoor dinner in view of Uluru, or perhaps seeing the sun rise over this sacred rock. I think this can be an experience you’ll never forget, helping you both to kick of married life in a truly special way.

Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island
A gorgeous island in the south of Australia that’s pretty much covered in kangaroos – Kangaroo Island is a top honeymoon location for the type that want the feel of peaceful surrounds. The island boasts numerous beach houses and resorts to suit any needs, and there are even wineries to help you celebrate the occasion.

Wine Country

Yarra Valley
From the Yarra Valley to the Hunter Valley, Australia is home to plenty of different wine countries that you can while your honeymoon days in. Being in the regional parts of the country, the scenery is always relaxing and gorgeous, and you get to test out amazing wines that you can pair with fancy dinners and desserts during your stay. Wine country never seems to disappoint for a romantic getaway adventure in the land down under.

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