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What to Eat in Australia: Famous Australian Food

Wondering what kind of food you can sink your teeth into while in Australia?

Australia is not known for being the culinary delight that countries like Italy and Spain are, but if you know where to look, you can be sure to get into some of the bits that make Australia special.

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Aussie Fast Food

meat pie
The Tiger Meat Pie with Mash & Mushy Peas

While Australia definitely has its share of McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and Subways on its fast food list, the real Australian style of fast food falls on the meat pies, sausage rolls and kebabs. You can get just about any type of meat pie in Australia from chicken curry to kangaroo if you’re lucky, and if you want to make them a meal, there’s always the addition of mashed potatoes or mushy peas. Sausage rolls are another fast snack that includes a sausage/bread crumb filling inside a pastry roll. As with meat pies, filling quality will vary from place to place.

Since there is a lack of a late-night restaurant culture in Australia, kebabs are the most well-known option for after a night on the town. A kebab and a beer was actually the first meal I had when I arrived in this country.


Fish & Seafood


Being a country with a huge beach culture, and the fact that it is an island, fish and seafood is an item that‘s always on the menu in Australia. Giant prawns (shrimp) roasting on the barbecue is more common than you think, and fish ‘n’ chips here can be divine. For those with more extravagant meals in mind, there’s lobster and crab galore.


Asian Food

sydney chinatown
Sydney Chinatown

Being so close to Asia, a number of Asian people have immigrated to this country, and with them they have brought the best of their cultural dishes. You can get authentic Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese to name just a few. But, you’ll want to get these dishes from locations where Asians also frequent in order to the get the best of the best (think Chinatown and restaurants owned by Asian families).




Ok, so we all know Vegemite; it is THE world famous Aussie food and it is so common here that you can find it at most shops and convenience stores. This yeasty, salty spread can either make you cringe or smile. Vegemite is popular for breakfast on buttered toast, or as a flavor enhancement to sandwiches.


Tropical Fruit

tropical fruit
Yummy Tropical Fruit

Australia loves fresh produce, and because of the climate they are able to grow some amazing tropical fruits. From mangoes to pineapples to papayas, there are so many delicious fruits to taste. Just writing this, I’m having flashbacks of my time with the Daintree Ice Cream Company and Murdering Point Winery – all based on tropical fruit.


Unique Animal Meat

kangaroo meat
Kangaroo Fillet

If you think kangaroos are adorable, then you might have a problem with being served a kangaroo steak for dinner. But, it is definitely an option in Australia, one that is becoming more and more common in the mainstream (kangaroo used to only be for dogs). You can buy roo meat at the grocery stores and find it on some menus in the cities.
Up in the tropical parts of the country, you can find some crocodile meat on the menu, while the outback can often bring camel to the table.


Aussie Sweets & Treats

tim tams
Tim Tams

Tim tams, musk sticks, pavlova and anzac biscuits are all famous Aussie sweets. Tim tams are delicious chocolate-covered cookies that are filled with classic chocolate cream or other fun flavors. You can bite off both ends and then use it as a straw to drink your tea – otherwise known as a tim tam slam.

Musk sticks are an interesting idea, which I have commented on plenty. Pavlova is a typical Aussie dessert made of meringue, cream and fruit – making it great as a summer treat. Anzac biscuits are cookies (biscuits means cookies here) that resemble oatmeal cookies.


Pub Food

bangers and mash
Bangers & Mash

It’s a pub culture, but with pub food like this, it’s not hard to see why. If you have a hankering for a cheap steak, burger, bangers ‘n’ mash or schnitzel, there is probably a pub that has a good deal. A ten dollar steak and chips in Sydney, for example, can be the cheapest meal you’ll be able to find of this caliber, so don’t be so quick to pass it up.

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