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Getting from Sydney to Hobart

hobart, tasmaniaThere’s an island state to the south of Australia known as Tasmania, and you will want to get from Sydney to Hobart, the capital city, if you want to enjoy a true slice of natural beauty. Tasmania tends to be missing from many travelers’ itineraries because there is a big country to explore and many tend to see the big, big attractions before branching off.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with time or just the desire to make this trip happen, then you’ll be wondering how to get there. All in all, it’s an easy trip by plane, but the more adventurous will choose other routes.

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Getting from Sydney to Hobart by Plane

Budget airlines in Australia will get you from Sydney to Hobart by plane in around 1 hour and 20 minutes, which is literally like a hop, skip and a jump away. To get started, you can search the budget airlines that fly to Hobart, or just have a quick search using the widgets below.

Quick search flights to Hobart from Sydney (SYD), Melbourne (MEL) and Brisbane (BNE):

Getting from Sydney to Hobart by Train

Normally, travel by train in Australia is a great idea and highly recommended, but the fact that Tasmania is an island makes this task difficult. If you are intent on traveling from Sydney to Hobart via train, you can at least go as far as possible on the rails before switching to other transportation methods. One option would be to take the train from Sydney to Melbourne, and then proceed to transfer to budget airline or a ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania. The train to Melbourne will run in the 11 hour range and cost about $90 at the time of writing this. The ferry will also take in the 9 to 11 hour range to complete to get to Tasmania.

Getting from Sydney to Hobart by Car

Like a train, you won’t be able to go the entire distance from Sydney to Hobart by car. Instead, you can combine the drive from Sydney to Melbourne, either in a rental car or Australian campervan, with the ferry. A ferry called The Spirit of Tasmania runs from Melbourne in Victoria to Devonport, Tasmania and allows for car transfers. Once you arrive in Devonport, you can drive to the south part of the island to Hobart to complete the journey.

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Getting from Sydney to Hobart by Bus

hobart busesIf you’re in Sydney and want to get to Hobart by bus, you will have to use a combination of transportation methods to make the journey. A bus ride from Sydney to Melbourne will run a good 12 hours on Greyhound, at which time you will still have to make it across to the island of Tasmania. To do this, you can search for a budget flight to Hobart from Melbourne, or you can take the ferry across to Devonport and further on with a bus to Hobart in the south of the island.

Getting from Sydney to Hobart by Ferry

Taking a ferry between the two cities can only be done from Melbourne. So, once you get to Melbourne from Sydney, you can sign up for a 9-11 hour ferry ride across the way on the Spirit of Tasmania. You’ll arrive in Devonport, on the north side of the island and need to get to the south to reach Hobart either by car or bus. Another option would be to look into Australian cruises that run from Sydney to Hobart.

Here is a video of the journey on the ferry:

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