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Budget Airlines that Fly to Hobart

Hobart AirportBeing located in Australia’s island state of Tasmania, there are only a couple of ways to get to Hobart — flying or sailing. However, for the few travelers that make it to this gorgeous place, the list of things to do in Hobart can include the delicious tours of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory and the Cascade Brewery. Do you need any more reasons than that to make the trip?

If you are planning on flying to Hobart, but wish to save some money, it is important to plan ahead. Choosing to fly at the right times can come with a lower price tag, which means more fun to be had while there. Finding cheap flights to Hobart can be as easy as traveling in off-peak seasons, but if a winter trip is not in the itinerary, there is is always the option of choosing a budget airline.

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Budget Airlines that Fly to Hobart

The airport in Hobart, Tasmania is know as the Hobart International Airport (code: HBA). It is not far from the city – just 17 kilometers – and is located in the suburb of Cambridge.

The following is a list of budget airlines that fly to Hobart:

  • Jetstar – Melbourne, Sydney
  • Tiger Airways – Melbourne
  • Virgin Blue – Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
  • Tasair – Burnie, Devonport

How to Fly Budget Airlines to Hobart

Budget airlines can be a huge benefit to backpackers and other budget-conscious travelers looking to save money. However, in order to do that (save money), you have to be prepared for the journey. Extra fees can pop up for checking bags (the big one), so packing only carry-on is the way to go and keep it cheap. It is also wise to plan for proper check-in times as some are known to be quite strict with their rules.

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