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Broken Hill Travel Guide

broken hillIf you like the feeling of old outback towns, miles in the middle of nowhere, that are now known for being quaint little art oases and unique getaways, then Broken Hill might be the outback town for you. Located 16 hours driving distance from Sydney, Broken Hill is a silver mining town (still active today) that displays the remnants of a once vibrant industry. It has today become a location popular with artists and the film industry.


Broken Hill is located in the western part of New South Wales, near the border of South Australia.

How to Get to Broken Hill

Getting to Broken Hill depends on where you’re coming from and how much time you are looking to spend commuting. Driving to Broken Hill from Sydney will take you around 15 hours, while driving from Adelaide will only take near 6 hours on the Barrier Highway. I would suggest having a look at this outback New South Wales road trip itinerary for some ideas.

If you want an old fashioned adventure, the Indian Pacific is a great train ride to experience that will drop you off at Broken Hill on its way across the country. CountryLink also provides train service, some of which are coupled with buses in order to cover the distance efficiently, from Sydney.

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Flying to Broken Hill is also an option through regional airlines, such as Rex. You can search for flights to Broken Hill using the search box below:

Broken Hill Weather

Broken Hill has a dry outback climate with summer temperatures that are very hot, reaching over 40 degrees Celsius. There is little rain throughout the year. If you are traveling in the summer, be sure to wear proper sun protection and monitor your vehicle for overheating due to extreme exposure.

Getting Around Broken Hill

The best way to get around Broken Hill and the local attractions is by a personal vehicle. If you happen to take public transport to Broken Hill, then there are several car rental locations in town to choose from. Some of the best attractions are not in the city itself and would actually be considered a day trip option best accessed via car or 4WD.

Things to Do in Broken Hill

Besides peruse art galleries and enjoy a nice pub dinner, an extremely popular attraction is visiting the Living Desert Reserve just outside of town, which features a unique sculpture sight set on an overlooking hill. Also within a short driving distance is the ghost town of Silverton.

If you have the proper vehicle, a trip down to Mungo National Park will prove to be a unique experience.

In town, a nice nostalgic meal at Bells Milk Bar is in order, a place that is known for its milk shakes and soda floats.

Other in town activities include visiting the Royal Flying Doctor Service location, as well as going down the Historic Daydream Mine.

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Where to Stay in Broken Hill

Broken Hill has a number of great accommodation options ranging from hostels and hotels to guest houses. You can simply search in the widget on the top of this post for accommodation options, or you can have a look at the articles written on Broken Hill hostels or Broken Hill hotels to assist you in your decision.

Photo credit: Broken Hill.