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Cheap Hotels in Broken Hill

Broken Hill is a unique old mining town in outback New South Wales that deserves a stop if you have the time to make it that far west. I often refer to this part of the state as an art oasis since you can drive and drive through nothingness and then magically arrive at this bustling outback town.

Once in the area, you can take advantage of visiting some of the special places in this part of the state, which includes Silverton, the Living Desert Reserve and White Cliffs.

If you’re not into hostels in Broken Hill, there are a number of hotels and guest houses to choose from for a nice sleep. The town is not too big, so getting around shouldn’t be too difficult, even if walking (unless the heat is on). If taking the train across from Sydney, I recommend renting a car so you can travel around to some of the nearby attractions.

The Broken Hill train station stops just on the main strip in the town just near Argent Street.

Overall, the town has a residential feel besides the main downtown strip that is lined with drinking hotels and art shops, and the large shopping center on the far side of the town.

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