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How to Get to Broken Hill from Adelaide

Did you know that Adelaide is the closest major city to Broken Hill? Well, it makes sense seeing how Broken Hill is actually just near the South Australia border and only 6 hours away from this capital city. So, instead of assuming that people from Sydney are going to travel the 15 hours by car that it takes to get to Broken Hill, I thought I should take the time to target a better audience: those looking to get to Broken Hill from Adelaide.

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Getting to Broken Hill from Adelaide by Car

The path of getting to Broken Hill from Adelaide is pretty straightforward. You simply travel for around 6 hours on the Barrier Highway until you reach Broken Hill. This will first take you north of Adelaide and then east on a route that is nothing compared to the drive from Sydney.

Getting to Broken Hill from Adelaide by Bus

You can catch a bus service from Adelaide to Broken Hill and vice versa on Buses R Us. From Adelaide, buses leave on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. From Broken Hill, buses leave on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The entire journey with stops takes around 7 hours to complete.

Getting to Broken Hill from Adelaide by Train

The long distance Indian Pacific railway that connects Sydney to Broken also connects Adelaide to Broken Hill. In order to go from Adelaide to Broken Hill, you can take the 7:20 am train on either Friday or Tuesday and arrive at Broken Hill at 4:30 pm. Trains also depart Broken Hill towards Adelaide on Sunday and Thursday at 8:20 am.

Getting to Broken Hill from Adelaide by Plane

There are several airlines that can get you to Broken Hill, like the Regional Express, and it can save you heaps of time in the process. I suggest using the search widget below to find your flight to Broken Hill.