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Planning a Trip to Australia in the Southern Fall

Summer went by in a blur this year and fall has fallen upon Australia, but that doesn’t mean that the travel season is over. Not in Australia! The travel season is year-round (that’s how cool it is here). So, what do you need to know before heading down under in March, April or May? I’m so glad you asked.

Weather varies by region in Australia, and while Sydney will start to have chilly nights (pack a jacket for the mornings and evenings), other parts of the country will be far warmer. Perth is typically a few degrees warmer than Sydney in this part of the year, and the tropical and north areas of Oz will continue at a steady temperatures in the 30s. However, that part of the country is still at risk of being hit by tropical storms as the rest of the wet season plays out.

Because of that, traveling in campervans can be done in weather that won’t make you melt, but camping in the north could bring you under a bit of rain.

Packing for Australia also depends on your destination(s). In Sydney and cities to the south, I would recommend being prepared for warm days when in the sun, and cool evenings. There is a higher chance for rain at this time of year, so an umbrella can be helpful.

Then again, those are at every corner store once you arrive, so save the space.

What do people have over you that come in the summer besides sweltering sun and humidity for large parts of the country? Uh… nothing, really. Going to Australia in the fall may not have you sunbathing at the beach every day, but you can still snorkel, surf, skydive, visit the outback, travel to the wine regions, pet kangaroos and have barbies.

You can learn to speak Australian, and try some delicious Vegemite. Seriously, a fall trip to Oz is not bad at all, so hurry up and book a flight to Australia while the weather is just right.

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