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Autumn in Australia

Canberra in autumnFall in Australia, or the Australian autumn depending on which word you prefer, runs through March, April and May. With it, the super hot weather fades away, but it isn’t until around May when you really feel as though winter is approaching for the non-tropical areas of Australia.

Autumn is a fantastic time to explore Australia, and I actually recommend these months over high summer when it is sometimes too hot and too crowded to fully enjoy yourself. In autumn, the sun shines strong and many people still head to the beach. It’s also helpful that many of the flights to Australia will drop in price a bit from those of the summer months.

In the tropical north areas of Australia, such as Cairns and Cooktown, the wet season is still leaving its mark, producing highly humid weather adding to the already hot temperatures. It won’t be until the winter months that this humidity drops to a more manageable level. You can still visit these areas though; just be prepared to sweat a bit more than normal, drink plenty of fluids and jump into a swimming hole now and again.

If you’re a wine lover, then autumn is a perfect opportunity for a visit to the Yarra Valley or Hunter Valley for a tasting getaway. Check out the Australian tours page for more touring ideas involving the grape. There are also a number of food and wine festivals happening during this season.

The world famous Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is held each year around the beginning of autumn, and it is an event that draws in travelers from just about everywhere. Hostels in Sydney especially will be booked up well in advance (I know from experience), so take my word and plan ahead!

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