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Fremantle: A Stop for Historic Architecture & Cafe Culture

fremantleFreo makes for a popular stop on any trip to the Perth area of Australia because of its particular city flair and style. Visitors can immediately notice the unique vibe of this coastal port city from the ornate architecture that lines the streets. Small cafes and shops pop out of the little nooks and crannies of side streets, and good beer is never too far away.

Since Fremantle is right on the coast, many people use this location as a jumping point for a trip to Rottnest Island, but for those that plan on a visit solely for that purpose will be missing out on a relaxing stay in a quaint and quirky city.

The heritage architecture includes a mix of colonial architecture, built by the convicts in Freo, and Georgian and Victorian style architecture. You can see heritage listed sites, such as the Old Fremantle Prison and The Round House (the original gaol), the latter of which is the oldest building in the area, over in Fremantle and in great condition. Fremantle tourism groups have put together several heritage trails to follow to get better acquainted with the cities features, such as the Art and Culture trail or the Writers Walk.

fremantle cafeIf looking for a good place to pick and choose from a number of trendy cafes, then the “Cappuccino Strip” is the area of town to look for. The Cappuccino Strip encompasses a large part of the South Terrace, and it is here that Alfresco Dining is at its best, unless of course you prefer seaside alfresco dining. That, you can get down near the harbour.

The Fishing Boat Harbour, on Mew Road in particular, is a great place for foodies and beer lovers to congregate. Little Creatures Brewery is located on this strip and features unique brews with interesting tapas style accompaniments. Seafood lovers can test out Joe’s Fish Shack or Kailis Fish Market Cafe just around the corner. You may or may not want to try out the Fish and Chips gelato on offer (I don’t recommend, but it is unique).

Fremantle is about a 20 minute train ride from Perth city, just past Cottesloe Beach, but you can also get there by bus or boat along the Swan River.

If planning a trip to Perth, be sure to check out other things to do, as well as day trip options from the city. Don’t forget to check for cheap flights to Perth so you can grab a good deal!

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