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Rottnest Island Travel Guide

rottnest islandRottnest Island would be considered one of the must-see attractions in Western Australia. This tiny island, 19 kilometers off the coast near Fremantle, acts as a getaway for locals and tourists alike who come to experience the pristine beaches and seclusion. Rotto, as it’s commonly called, acts as a class “A” reserve meaning it is kept clean and under-developed. In other words, you go to Rotto to get out in nature and relax.


Rottnest Island is a small island 19 kilometers off the coast of Fremantle in Western Australia. It is a popular day trip option from Perth.

How to Get to Rottnest Island

rottnest transportThe easiest and cheapest route to Rottnest Island is by taking the ferry from Fremantle. A ride on the Rottnest Express will take about 25 minutes to complete, but there are those that start in Perth and run along the Swan River lasting 90 minutes. If taking the ferry over to Rottnest, I highly suggest considering the fun way on the Mega Blast!

The other options are to take your own boat if you have one, or to go by air in small charter flights from Perth or helicopter. The scenic rides will set you back some cash, but they do provide some spectacular views of a naturally beautiful place.

Rottnest Island Weather

Rottnest Island has a weather that can be likened to that of the Mediterranean. The winters have generally less rain in the winter than the nearby mainland, and the summers are typically a little cooler (which is nice considering how hot WA gets). Waters remain at the 19 Celsius mark in winter thanks to a special warm current.

Getting Around Rottnest Island

rottnest busOne of my favorite parts of Rottnest Island is the fact that no cars can drive on the roads. After getting off the ferry, it was all bikes — and the bikes were definitely everywhere. You can bring a bike over with you on the ferry, or you can easily rent one from Rottnest Island Bike Hire, which has every type of bike to suit every biking need.

Walking is another option for those with time to spare, but if biking or walking don’t fit in your itinerary, there is always the public bus. The Bayseeker Bus option offers you all-day, hop on and hop off, bus action for just $13, adult.

There is a train that goes from the Settlement Railway Station to Oliver Hill. Round-trip tickets on this scenic ride will set you back $18.

Things to Do on Rottnest Island

rottnest picture hallRottnest Island is a true getaway. If you want, you can do nothing but lie on a white sand beach (there are 63 beaches on Rottnest).

If you want more, then there is plenty to keep you busy. First of all, renting a bike will help you get around, but you will also then be able to go on scenic rides along the shores.

Water activities include snorkeling, fishing and perhaps even a visit to the Just 4 Fun Aqua Park. Golf lovers can spend the day playing 18 holes at the Country Club.

Animal lovers can meet and greet with cuddly little quokkas that inhabit the island. There is even a picture hall that shows movies if you need a break from the outdoors.

Where to Stay on Rottnest Island

rottnest island cabinsAll types of accommodation is available on Rottnest Island from villas and cottages to hostels and campgrounds.

For the budget conscious, there is the Rottnest Island Hostel and the Kingstown Barracks in Kingstown. One designated campground is on the island, and that is the Allison Camping Ground.

The villas and Heritage View Cottages are scattered across the island and offer brilliant views and refurbished interiors.

Rottnest Lodge and Hotel Rottnest are two deluxe hotels to choose from as well with the facilities to make for a very comfortable stay.

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