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Would You Try Fish & Chips Gelato?

fish and chips gelatoWhile on my stay in Perth, I met up with a couple of friends (Heather, Adam and Nicole) and they told me a story of a gelato mishap — one involving a flavor so preposterous I thought it was made up. However, hearing that it was truly disgusting added some credibility to the idea of anyone selling a fish and chips gelato!

My first question: “Did it taste like fish?!?!”
Heather: “No, not really. There was a slight lemon flavor.”

My second question: “Was it sweet?!”
Heather: “Not really.” (or something to that degree)

I could tell it was hard for her to explain… I mean, it was hard for me to take in. A fish and chips flavored gelato seemed out of this world!

Later on, though, on my last night, I met up with the group again and was actually brought face-to-face with the infamous gelato shop in Fremantle selling this flavor.

“Australia’s First Fish & Chip Flavoured Gelato”

First… and last?

I walked over to the freezer, and I knew I couldn’t pass this opportunity up without at least giving it a taste. I asked the gelato server for a tiny spoon.

What did it taste like? Well, it didn’t taste like fish, and it didn’t taste good. The overwhelming flavor of this dessert was freezer burn… freezer burned bread crumbs… perhaps off a frozen fish stick.

In other words, it was just not good.

I told Heather my thoughts on the freezer burn and a light bulb went off when I found the hidden flavor she was searching for.

Oh, fish and chips gelato, you are a find, but I have a feeling in Fremantle you will stay.