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The Daintree Ice Cream Company

For those doing the self-drive tour to Cape Tribulation, a must-stop is at the Daintree Ice Cream Company for a delicious treat. Using some rare and exotic fruits in their creaming process, such as black sapote, custard apple, jackfruit and lychee, it should be an experience to remember.

daintree ice cream company

The Daintree Ice Cream Company is located just 14 kilometers north of the Daintree River Ferry, and also 3.6 kilometers past the Cow Bay Hotel on Cape Tribulation Road. There should be signage on the road to notify passersby of its turn-off. Hours of operation are from 12 to 5 pm daily.

daintree ice creamEach day, they generally serve a mixed cup of four unique flavors for $5. These flavors can include: soursop, banana, mangosteen, yellow sapote, rollinia, sapodilla, posh te, black sapote, marang, lychee, mango, jackfruit, malay apple, mamey sapote, breadfruit, mulberry, davidson plum, durian, abiu, carambola, wattle seed and blueberry.

On a personal note, be warned if they serve durian on that day as most people find they have either a love or hate relationship with this pungent fruit. Do come with an open mind, though, as some of these flavors in ice cream form can be a little unexpected, but still completely worth the gamble!

These exotic, tropical fruits are grown on the premises, and visitors are encouraged to take a walking tour of the orchard to see where it all happens. Even the ice cream is made here. Included in the visit are scenic views of the mountainous rainforests nearby, as well as some of the most beautiful tropical flowers and plants. You will hardly believe you are at an ice cream shop!

view from daintree ice cream company