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Murdering Point Winery is More than a Silly Name

murdering point wineryWith such a unique name, I knew I had to stop at Murdering Point Winery, but I definitely prepared myself for the worst. See, I’m a Cabernet type of girl; I like my wines very red and very dry, and when it comes to exotic fruit wines, as are produced at Murdering Point Winery, I’m usually not satisfied – especially if they are too sweet. Luckily, Murdering Point lived up to the hype of its name, and I was able to walk out with a few unique bottles of my own.

Murdering Point Winery
161 Murdering Point Road
Silkwood Queensland Australia 4857
Cellar Door: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm; 7 days a week

The stop-off was on our way to Mission Beach, so we made it a must-do on our list. To get here when driving south from Cairns on the Bruce Highway, just turn left onto Murdering Point Road at the Kurrimine Beach exit near Silkwood. Tastings here are free, and the folks inside are friendly and willing to tell you all you need to know about their wines and ports.

The wines on offer when I went were made from mango, lychee, passionfruit, lemon aspen, davidson plum and an interesting “Supherb” featuring jaboticaba. Each of these, except for the Supherb, is available in either dry or sweet, which was perfect as I can really only stand to drink the dry. The ports on offer were made from mulberry, pineapple and black sapote.

My Murdering Point Winery Purchases:

Romance (dry lychee wine) – This lychee based wine has hints of honey and spice that will be perfect chilled on a sunny afternoon. It says that it goes great with seafood and Asian food.

Red Emperor (dry davidson plum wine) – This plum based wine is pure nice. It is said to go well with barbecues and stews while not being as overwhelming as a Cabernet.

Supherb (semi-sweet jaboticaba wine) – They claim this interesting, spicy wine is for those concerned with their health. It is a red that contains the flavors of ginger, ginseng and jaboticaba.

>> For more descriptions of the wines and ports, see their official website.

How did Murdering Point Winery get its name?

Just down near Kurrimine beach in 1878, a shipwrecked boat known as the “Riser” and it’s people made it to shore. The survivors built a camp for the night, but were unfortunately attacked, killed and partially eaten by a group of aboriginals. The bodies were later found by another group that rightfully named the spot Murdering Point. Murdering Point Road is the road that leads down to Kurrimine Beach. It may not be a happy name history, but it is an attention-grabber for sure.

This was a stop on the Cairns to Sydney road trip.