Nighttime Northbridge

Saturday night I went out on the town with my sister and her husband, who had just returned from India on a work assignment.

After a quick stop for a cheeky one at their local pub, JB O’Reilly’s Tavern (another Irish pub), which is almost as close to their house as the County Cork pub is to the BootsnAll office in Portland, we caught a cab to Northbridge. We could as easily have caught the local train, but the weather was nasty out and we wanted to be efficient.

As mentioned earlier, Northbridge is a different place at night. There were a lot more people on the street and they were dressed to impress. Feeling a little like a backpacker, as I wasn’t wearing black from head to toe, we stopped first for a pint in The ‘Deen, the Aberdeen Hotel. This pub is a massive place directly across the street from a hostel. Once inside it has six different ‘zones’ you can choose from. Zone 1 is a general bar area, Zone 2 is a nightclub with dance music and a huge, WWII fighter plane hanging from the ceiling, Zone 3 is a live music area outside in a beer garden of sorts, Zone 4 had some funky-shaped pool tables, Zone 5 was another bar that will often have DJ’s, and Zone 6 was a chill out area that was a lot quieter and opened up onto the balcony on the second story.

After a quick pint there, we trundled down to another pub/club called Rise. This place was just starting to pick up around 9pm. They had dancers wearing very little (though the fluoro bootie leggings were an interesting touch) on table around the outside of the large dancefloor. One guy was giving it his best all on his lonesome in the middle of the dancefloor. Eventually, people took pity on him and the floor was pretty crowded by the time we left.




We paused in an Italian restaurant called Pizzelle to recharge the batteries and eat some tasty tucker that worked out to $20 a person, including a bottle of wine. Very reasonable.

Returning to the ‘Deen, we watched some live music, watched some people strut their stuff on the dancefloor, and watched some guy get dragged away by his mates because he wanted to beat someone else’s head in.