Peace and tranquility combined with modern amenities mean you can get away from it all without having to rough it…unless you want to. I’d also like to point out that the photo is the view from my room…not processed or touched up…from a cameraphone. Two words: Magnificent Sunsets. About an hour south of Darwin just off the Stuart Highway,the road […]

Northern Territory, Lake Bennett Resort

Got your ticket to to Oz in your hot little hands and looking for a really unique Aussie adventure? Wanting to experience some fair dinkum Aussie grass lands, mountains and national parks?? I guarantee- none or very few of your friends would have done this Trek! The Hume and Hovell Walking Trak follows the famous footsteps of Hamilton Hume and […]

Treking Australia, The Hume and Hovell Walking Track

When visiting the Northern Territory- a very common route is called The Triangle This is basically Darwin to Jabiru to Pine Creek or Katherine and back up to Darwin via Litchfied Park. When taking on this Great driving route many people are apprehensive envisioning vast kilometers of nothingness.

Northern Territory- “Doing The Triangle”

The Basin New South Wales has a very organized set of national parks that are complete with cooking, shower, and camping facilites. Among the parks I have visited, The Basin is a stand out. If you live in or around the Sydney area it is the easiest way to get completely OUT of the city in under an hour.

Sydney- Camping in the Northern Beaches

An integral part of doing The Triangle is Cooinda. Cooinda – even though it is one of the more substantial dots on the map- is only an aboriginal cultural center, resort, and gas station. There is no town. Granted- it is a nice resort. Cooinda is known as the Home of Yellow Waters. All of the Wildlife Cruises on the […]

Northern Territory- Cooinda

Pine Creek, is basically the bottom corner of “The Triangle” (an hour north of Katherine and about 2 hours south of Darwin), and is a historic mining town. It has housed and currently houses migrant mining populations for the last 100+ years as world markets for Gold and other precious metals rise and fall. The town itself is worth a […]

Northern Territory- Pine Creek

A milestone corner of The Triangle, Jabiru is little more than a company town designed to support the local Uranium mining operation. It is also considered the entrance to Kakadu Park. The township is little more than a jumping off point for package tours and its amenities are basically limited to a Caravan Parks, a hotel, a travel agent, Council […]

Northern Territory- Jabiru

Mary River Camp Ground and YHA- Mary River is family outfit that is very professionally run. Blessed with a stunning country side, they have managed a very good back-to-basics wildlife and river retreat while adding the key ingredients of modern amenities like a restaurant/bar, cook your own facilities, a pool, spa, and a variety of sleeping accommodation to fit any […]

Northern Territory- Mary River YHA

If you’re looking to save a few bucks and don’t mind carrying the extra gear, Australia is an ideal place to camp. Mild weather, enormous wide open spaces and abundant wildlife all welcome campers. Although caravan parks and campsites aren’t available in large cities such as Sydney, you can find places as little as an hour away by public transport. […]