Aboriginal Culture

With lush rainforests, big rivers and the Great Barrier Reef just off the coast, it is no wonder that Cairns is a major tourist destination in Queensland, Australia. Beautiful scenery, proximity to some of the most beautiful parts of the GBR in the world and lots of opportunities for adventure and trouble making, Cairns is beer and barbie Mecca—a place […]

Top 10 Things to do in Cairns

I love it when there is free Culture Vulture stuff, and what better venue than the Opera House. As Part of Sorry Day, The Opera House is hosting an Indigenous Film Festival. Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival 12 – 14 May Presenter: Sydney Opera House in association with the Australian Film Commission and Indigenous Screen Australia Venue: Playhouse Message Sticks […]

Sydney Opera House, Free Stuff in May

For many Aboriginal Australians, the concept of Australia day is a tricky one. The day the British landed and basically wiped out their culture, took their land and continued to commit atrocities against them for ages, doesn’t exactly raise feelings of civic pride. Called “Invasion Day” or occasionally Survival Day, the Aboriginal Community has created a ceremony called Woggan-ma-gule Each […]

Australia Day or Invasion Day?

The Basin New South Wales has a very organized set of national parks that are complete with cooking, shower, and camping facilites. Among the parks I have visited, The Basin is a stand out. If you live in or around the Sydney area it is the easiest way to get completely OUT of the city in under an hour.

Sydney- Camping in the Northern Beaches

One thing definitely worth a splurge of your trip money is a flight over Kakadu. All of the local people I encountered on my trip recommended it and they were absolutely right. Driving through Kakadu does little to give you the same perspective on the terrain, the interaction of the natural forces, and the sheer size of the park.

Northern Territory- Scenic Flight Company

As an add on, the manager of the Bark Hut happens to be a local biologist. Yes folks not only can he make a foaming cup of Nescafe…he organizes wildlife safaris and specialty fishing tours. Tom Starr runs Wild Plains Safari’s. They specialize in small group tailor made trips to Mary River National Park and Arnhemland.

Northern Territory- Bark Hut II

Traditional Aboriginal musical instruments, Didgeridoos are long wooden flutes. Didgeridoos are considered one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, and were originally made from bamboo. Modern didgeridoos, however, are made from hallowed out limbs and tree trunks. The average instrument is approximately three and a half feet in length, and was originally played by Aborigines to accompany chants […]


Dreamtime, also known as “The Dreaming”, is a set of beliefs that explains the origins and culture of Australia and the Aboriginal people. Great spirit ancestors of the Dreamtime are responsible for the intertwining network of human, animal and plant relationships. Dreamtime refers specifically to the era before the world was created; however, it can still be accessed for spiritual […]