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Make some quick $$ and extend your Visa! It is Harvest Time!

dsc00201.JPG Summer is the time of year for harvest work! If you have a tax file number, bank account, and at least the temporary right to work in OZ- Harvest Work is a great way to get a ‘fair dinkum’ (real) Aussie experience. There are several benefits to harvest work.

For one- the idea of a bunch of lawyers and accountants wearing cowboy hats and picking pumpkins cracks me up. Aside from my own personal entertainment- since November 2005 visitors with working holiday visas can get a one year extension by working on a farm! So if you were facing having to go back to dreary old England, picking a few apples for a couple months doesn’t sound so bad does it!

Fruit picking can also give you the freedom to move around the country, provide fast cash, and introduce you to many of the small outback towns and Aussie culture you don’t get on the main tourist circuit. While the work can be back breaking and exhausting work it generally pays pretty well.

You will more than likely be paid by the hour and will, upon employment, be presented a job description and pay outline. If you want to work more- just let your employer know. Be prepared to move quickly as well paid jobs go immediately.

You will need hard wearing boots, and clothing to keep you covered from weather and plants. Anytime you are working in the sun- you will need a broad brimmed hat, sunnies, sunscreen, and more than likely bug repellent (they do make combined sunscreen/repellent). A brand I like here is in the blue bottle.

Be sure to follow all harvest instructions and health and safety advice exactly. Accommodation can be a problem- make sure you talk to the local employment office or farm before you start. Having access to your own or shared transport will be a plus.

For more details call the national Harvest Labour Information Service. They can also help you find work! 1800 062 332. Happy Picking!

Check out Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil distillery on Kangaroo Island for possible work.

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