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Getting from Sydney Airport to Sydney

sydney airportOne of the first things you may have to do when arriving in Australia is simply getting yourself from the Sydney Airport to Sydney city. As easy as that one little task might sound now, chances are you have probably just traveled many hours on a long international flight – maybe with little sleep and a crick in your neck – and are just not thinking as clearly as you would under normal circumstances.

Luckily, the transfer from the Sydney Airport to the city can be one of simple convenience given the options of either taking the Airport Link, a taxi, a shuttle or even renting a car are available. Out of the four, taking the Airport Link train translates into the cheapest and possibly fastest route.

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Getting from Sydney Airport to Sydney by Airport Link

From the international terminal at the Sydney Airport, it just just a short 15 minute train ride to get into the city’s Central Station. If coming in from the domestic terminal, the ride will be just a minute or two shorter. This method of transport is quite easy to get to; just follow the signs in the airport to the train station either in T1 (past the McDonald’s), T2 (near baggage carousel 2) or T3 (near baggage carousel 1). Once there, purchase your ticket either at the ticket machines or the ticket counter. A regular, one-way ticket to the Central will run $15, and any other distance beyond Central will run at regular ticket prices on top of that rate. Students and children can make the route for just $10 each.

If you’d like to learn more about the rates and the Airport Link in general, have a look at the official website.

Getting from Sydney Airport to Sydney by Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses can take you from a specified point in the city to the airport, or you can get a shuttle to pick you up right from your doorstep. Airport Connect is a shuttle that can cheaply get you from the CBD in Sydney to the airport and vice versa for as low as $12 one way by booking online, but it is good to know that you an also pay your driver personally when he comes by.

Besides Airport Connect, Star Shuttle offers transfer services to/from the airport and hotels, as well as to certain day trip and event shuttles. EasyShuttle can be an option to a number of suburbs around Sydney, but you will definitely want to have a group lined up or else the price can be quite expensive.

Getting from Sydney Airport to Sydney by Taxi and Car

Taxis from the airport are always a plentiful option. If you need a taxi, simply follow the signs to the sheltered taxi stations that are at each terminal. A simple ride into Sydney city will set you back in the 30 AUD range – probably closer to 40 AUD — depending on where exactly you are heading combined with the current traffic conditions.

Australian car rental companies are located at the airport for your convenience. Once you pick up your rental car, you can start the drive to the city center, which may run anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic situation and route. There are a couple of routes you can take, the main route being 16 kilometers in length.

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