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Places to Get Mexican Food in Sydney

mexican foodAh, Mexican food. To many Americans, it is our comfort food, our late-night food, our hangover food and our just because we feel like it food. We just can’t imagine living life without the spicy tacos and enchiladas we have grown to love over the years. I guess you could say that Mexican is like Australia’s Thai food – it’s just everywhere.

Because of this, it is no wonder why so many North Americans come to Australia to be disappointed when there just isn’t the same quality and quantity of Mexican food to be had in this multicultural country. Sure, there’s Japanese, Korean, Thai, pub food, fast food, seafood and Australian food to indulge in, but that Mexican… ay carumba?

Luckily, Australia is realizing this gap in the market. In just the past two years since I arrived Down Under, I have seen little Mexican joints and chains popping up left and right in Sydney. And while it may not be quite what we expect to get “south of the border”, some of these places at least help to ease the cravings.

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Fast Food Style Mexican Restaurants

Guzman y Gomez

Guzman y Gomez is a fast-food type Mexican joint that specializes in giant burritos. I must say it is quite good, and there are now more than a few Guzmans around the different areas of Sydney to choose from.
>> Visit the Guzman y Gomez website


There’s a Zambrero just on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, and it’s open until 2am on the weekends making it a great late-night fast food option. It features burritos, tacos and quesadillas with fresh toppings.
>> Visit the Zambrero website

Mad Mex

Mad Mex is another fast food option with several locations in Sydney. If you like spicy, go for their spicy pork burrito or tacos for some slow roasted goodness.
>> Visit the Mad Mex website


Tomatillo is not my favorite Mexican fast food place in Sydney (the nacho chips were paper thin), but being right in Kings Cross and open until 4am on the weekend, this joint has its place in the Mexican food scene.
>> Visit the Tomatillo website

Sit Down Mexican Restaurants

Flying Fajita Sisters

Flying Fajita Sisters is located on Glebe Point Road in Glebe and definitely passes the authentic test. You can come here for slow roasted meat tacos and burritos, topped with a spicy sauce from the Wall of Pain, and kick it all back with some tequila. There are $3 tacos and tequila shots on Tuesdays.
>> Visit the Flying Fajita Sisters website

Baja Cantina

Also on Glebe Point Road in Glebe, Baja Cantina brings California style Mexican food to Sydney. This restaurant also has a lovely beer garden where you can enjoy the imported Mexican beers.
>> Visit the Baja Cantina website

Cafe Pacifico

Cafe Pacific has an amazing atmosphere, complete with mood lighting and big wooden tables. They feature big serves of food like chimichangas and fajitas, and there’s always tequila shots and margaritas to wash it down.
>> Visit the Cafe Pacifico website

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