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Getting to Rottnest Island and Back, the Fun Way

Rottnest Island, the land of the adorable quokka, is located off the coast of Perth. To get there the fastest, you can easily catch a 25 minute ferry ride from Fremantle, which is most likely the standard route to take. If you have the money or the resources, you can also charter a scenic flight or take your own boat.

When choosing the ferry option from Fremantle on Rottnest Express, as I did, you can book your tickets online to save a couple of bucks. There are also several discounted ticket options available on the website, so it makes sense to check ahead to see if you can work those into your plans.

Otherwise, I suggest booking online and taking advantage of the fun option: the Mega Blast!

The Mega Blast runs at 9:30am from Fremantle and 4:25pm from Rotto, and if you’re wanting to head either way at those times, you can book it into your ticket.

It fit perfectly into my schedule for the way back to Fremantle, and I quickly thought, “Why would you take any other way?”

mega blastOn the ferry ride over to Rottnest Island, not much happened. I sat there quietly watching out the window and giggling at the rambunctious little kid in the seat in front of me.

On the way back, however, I was met with a bit of adventure. The wind was in my hair, the large group sitting behind me was laughing hysterically, and all of us were loving the fact that our boat was jumping in the wake from the “boring” ferry. I bet every single person on the ferry was jealous.

If the weather is nice and you don’t have a bike or heaps of luggage in tow, I highly recommend the Mega Blast option for getting to or from Rottnest Island.

If you wish to book tickets, visit the Rottnest Express website.