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Have a Look Out My Window From Sydney to Perth

I spent a large part of my 65 hours on the Indian Pacific train staring out the window at the passing scenery, and I would say that the biggest response from people following along was them waiting to see my photos. Australia is a beautiful land, and I feel lucky to have experienced the views of the land that is considered untouchable by most.

I stared out the window, and I took photos. The biggest thing I could note was how green it all was (part of what I already blogged about when talking of my quick visit to Broken Hill). It was stark, but it wasn’t the dusty, searing nothingness I had expected when crossing the outback of Australia.

Are you intrigued?

Come, ride with me on the Indian Pacific and see what I see out my window all the way from Sydney to Perth…


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My experience riding in Red Class on the Indian Pacific train was sponsored by GSR, but all the experiences and reviews are my own.