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Broken Hill: Greener This Year Than the Last

broken hill buildingPart of the fun of taking the Indian Pacific train across Australia are the whistle stop tours along the way. I just had my first one out at Broken Hill, and while it was mostly sitting on a bus, it was good to get a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery.

The Silver City Tours bus took us around the small mining town of Broken Hill. Sure, I had already visited this city a little over a year ago, but I didn’t take a tour, and therefore probably missed out on a little piece here and there. What really struck me, though, was the fact that Broken Hill was so bright green. It’s not supposed to be like that… it almost looked tropical.

Last year, I was met with dry, dry, dry landscape. It was even the time when Menindee was too dry for my boyfriend to go fishing.

Now, though, it’s just green, and wet. It, like most other parts of Australia, has been getting heaps more rain.

The tour guide even said that the filming of the Mad Max 4 movie (yes, really) got delayed because it wasn’t stark and harsh enough looking. An article on reports:

“The Director of Mad Max says filming is delayed because heavy rain turned the outback into a flower garden.”

I can totally see what they mean, though. Have a look at this luscious, green park right in the center of town! That’s definitely not the post-apocalyptic vibe they’re looking for in the movie.

broken hill park

Just before setting off on the Indian Pacific, the train manager stopped by my cabin to have a quick chat. She told me that the outback has been wetter and greener than ever. I’m already shocked by Broken Hill; I can’t wait to see the rest!